The Small Voice’ is about the fight between industry and nature. Composed by Anna Dwyer.


‘Go to the Garden must I, To dream of dreams where pleasures lie, Starry night and hallowed dawn, Dusky eve and dewy morn, All day long the songbirds’ song. Shapely form and silhouette, Shadow born and perfect set ‘Til crash of concrete Drone of drill Bring turbulence unto tranquil’

The beauty of birdsong and the importance of trying to keep hold of nature when man’s pursuit of technology often masks the ‘smallest of voices’ and sanctuaries in a modern world become increasingly hard to find.

Instruments French Horn, Timpani. Strings: Pizzicato/Tremelo and Synth. Harp Synopsis breakdown in 4 parts: Birds plaintive cry to industy, Voice of birds warning to industry, The Garden-with industry undertone in the background, Birds final warning as industry drowns out the voice of the birds

Created for The Wing Assignment July 2012