By Deborah Henry-Pollard.

Vision is all about creating something from nothing, taking an idea which has yet to take flight and turning it into something tangible. It is about inspiring people and transforming a daydream into reality.

The essence of the idea has been to provide people with a context within which they can expand their horizons beyond the confines and restrictions of their usual daily occupations. A single idea was communicated to a network of creative thinkers. The beauty of the vision was to give them a very clear starting point and a deadline but left them untrammelled by any other criteria.

This gave everyone the freedom, the ‘permission’, to fly.

The key to this project isn’t the end results, beautiful, thought provoking and spectacular as they are; it has been the process. The artists have looked into the wings sitting on their desks and seen the myriad possibilities lying beyond. They opened up their minds and explored their imaginations. They thought outside their usual working methodologies, experimented, stretched and challenged themselves. The ingenuity and inventiveness of those participating was sufficiently challenged to prompt them to explore new media so that they could realise the images conjured from their imaginations, or in some cases a new musical language.

The participants in this exhibition have produced works of ingenuity and individuality which, far from completing the process, have passed the creative baton to us, the viewers of/listeners to art. They have shown us that although we think we know what wings look like, we have barely begun to see the nuances, the colour, the textures, the promise. Through experiencing these works, perhaps another vision will be sparked off as someone is inspired to create their own take on the wings.

Without vision, creativity is not possible. With vision, anything is possible. This is the power of vision.

Deborah Henry-Pollard is a creative coach, trained and accredited by Performance Coach Training Ltd and Relational Dynamics 1st. Deborah offered invaluable support, advice and events management for throughout the Wing Assignment in 2012. For more information visit